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Start, manage, & grow

At every stage of your business’ lifecycle you will have legal needs that require creative and unique legal advice to solve – from business formation, to managing contracts, hiring people, resolving disputes in litigation, creating a succession plan, and more. To help you reach your goals from business formation and launch to growth and ultimately, the sale of your business, it is often best to work with an experienced legal partner like Tim.

Tim likes solving complex problems and is passionate about helping you put your dreams into action. He will provide reasonable and rational counsel, so you can manage your risk and feel secure about all aspects of your business.


If you are starting or running a business, consider how to use contracts to improve your operations and prevent problems in the future. With the right contract language, you can protect your company and the deals you make with third parties. And if things go downhill, your contract can help you find a quicker resolution to your dispute. Tim can help you identify your goals and can draft, review, and negotiate contracts that help you achieve those goals.

Intellectual Property

Copyrights, trademarks, and patents are quickly becoming the most valuable asset for many small businesses, especially startups. That’s why you should be proactive about protecting your IP and avoiding infringing the IP rights of others. Tim can help you figure out what you need to protect and can give your business guidance on how to protect it.

Real Estate

As your business grows, so too will your need for more space. But you shouldn’t sign a commercial lease or purchase property without the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer who can protect you. Landlords and real estate professionals deal in real estate all the time and will often push “standard” terms your way. Tim can help you determine whether the terms are fair and, if not, can help you negotiate better terms for your business.

Business Succession Planning

At some point, you will have to make important decisions about the future of your company after you leave. This is where business succession planning comes into play, as you will need to identify the right people to take over, when and how you’d prefer to exit, and create the right documents to achieve those goals – whether in the form of a trust, buy-sell agreement, merger/acquisition, or similar planning tools. Tim can help you design and implement a succession plan to carry out your plans for the future of your business.

Outside General Counsel

An outside legal partner that serves like they are on the inside.

Most small businesses can’t afford, and probably don’t need, a full-time in-house attorney. Yet, as your business grows, you will have greater and greater legal needs. That’s where the Outside General Counsel Program can help. By having an attorney there for you on an as-needed basis, you can proactively pinpoint legal issues before they become a problem.

Together, you and Tim can create a customized general counsel plan that fits your company’s unique needs. From just a few hours each month to many hours each week, you’ll have just the right amount of corporate lawyer access you need to keep your business moving in the right direction.

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